Children and Youth InsuranceInsurance Programs for Children & Youth Centers & Schools

New England Insurance Services is uniquely designed to fulfill a wide range of special insurance needs for early education programs and schools. The comprehensive program is designed to address both nonprofit and for-profit operations.

We offer Insurance Programs for:

We cover your property, staff and students. We offer expert risk management advice to help keep accidents from happening. We handle your covered claims promptly and with compassion. We offer discounted rates on employee background checks and online driver education courses. We offer a 5% credit on your general liability insurance premium if you are an accredited center.

Liability Insurance Coverage

General liability, corporal punishment liability, sexual abuse and molestation liability, child care providerís and teacherís professional liability, child abduction liability, special event liability, liability of volunteers, board liability, employment practices liability and umbrella liability.

Property Insurance Coverage

Business property, systems breakdown, crime bond, loss of income due to communicable disease and food contamination, loss of tuition income, computer equipment, playground and recreational equipment, signs or all other owned property.

Accident Medical Insurance Coverage & More

Accident medical expenses of the enrolled children, automobile, key employee replacement coverage and workers compensation.

Protect Your Child or Youth Organization with NEIS Insurance Programs

With the full understanding that organizations serving children and youth run short of time and money, we can provide you with the best value for your insurance dollar with a minimum of your time.

We invite you to give us your consideration. We can quickly and efficiently provide you with an indication of what your annual premium would be based on a minimal amount of information. If you are interested in our program at that point we can complete a thorough review and advise you accordingly.

If you are interested in a ballpark insurance presentation simply call us at (860) 844-8288.