A Guide to Crisis Management for Non-Profit Organizations

As a non-profit organization serving your community every day, would you and your staff know what to do if something terrible were to happen? How would you and your staff react to an unexpected life-threatening, chaotic or emotionally charged situation? While it is impossible to anticipate every event, you can develop a framework for responding … Read more

Professional Artists & Art Studios

As an artist you will want to protect your valuable artwork, whether it is held for sale or in the works ~ these pieces are your assets! To cover your artwork you will need a specific policy and one that should protect against:  damage or destruction to your art and equipment  art works … Read more


Thank you for your interest in our specialty insurance programs. The following questions should be considered when purchasing insurance specific to your exposure. We hope you find this helpful. We will be more than happy to assist you in the insurance application process. As always, you are welcome to call us at any time with … Read more


Not all car rental agreement contracts are alike and it would be to your advantage to understand the rental agreement before you walk away from the counter. Important things to keep in mind when renting a car: a. Do purchase the rental company’s “loss damage wavier.” It is worth the piece of mind for a … Read more

Employee Theft Proof of Loss

After an employee has embezzled money from your organization you will need to submit proof of loss to the insurance company that provides coverage for this monetary loss. There is specific time allotted to report these claims for coverage to apply, so please remember to report all events to your insurance representative immediately, even though … Read more

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

The number of employees alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and retaliation has increased. An EPLI policy shields employers from claims of harassment, discrimination, failure to hire, wrongful termination and includes all current, former, and prospective employees, directors and officers, and the corporate entity. The cost of EPLI coverage varies depending on your type of … Read more

Builders’ Risk

Builders’ risk insurance is a form of property insurance that covers property owners and builders for projects under construction, renovation or repair. This insurance is similar to Building and Personal Property coverage; the difference being, this coverage is used to cover buildings during the course of construction. Builder’s risk provides coverage on an “all risk” … Read more

Automobile Insurance Requirements For Human Service Organizations

As a human service organization you are involved with providing direct care services to individuals. As such automobile insurance requirements are more stringent. As a result the following items are typically required by the insurance companies providing this coverage:  Obtain a Motor Vehicle Report for all new hires and all employees and volunteers on … Read more

Managing the Risk of Sexual Abuse or Misconduct Between Staff/Volunteer and Client/Customer

A Checklist Use this checklist to ensure that your organization is ready to respond to allegations of sexual abuse or misconduct:  A written policy prohibiting abuse was distributed to all staff and volunteers;  The staff and volunteers who received the policy signed an acknowledgement of receipt;  Client complaints do not have to … Read more

Human Service Organization Underwriting Data Checklist

In order for us to customize protection for your organization, we will need the following: 1. Annual Report, if available. 2. Annual projected payroll for the upcoming year. 3. Most recent audited financial statement and copy of the organization’s by-laws. 4. Vehicle information including Make, Model, VIN # and Usage and Seating Capacity of any … Read more