Managing the Risk of Sexual Abuse or Misconduct Between Staff/Volunteer and Client/Customer


A Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure that your organization is ready to respond to allegations of sexual abuse or misconduct:

 A written policy prohibiting abuse was distributed to all staff and volunteers;

 The staff and volunteers who received the policy signed an acknowledgement of receipt;

 Client complaints do not have to be in writing, and clients have several choices between staff members to whom complaints should be made;

 Staff training on sexual abuse issues is conducted;

 During an investigation, the organization will document all complaints and the steps taken by the organization in response to the complaint(s);

 Those involved in any investigation are reminded that the policy of confidentiality will be reasonably maintained but that information will be disclosed as necessary in order to conduct an effective investigation;

 A thorough investigation is initiated promptly after any complaint is made;

 Remedial action for the alleged victim is considered and implemented;

 Appropriate discipline is imposed on the wrongdoer;

 Follow-up monitoring occurs to ensure that the victim has not suffered retaliation and that the abuse or misconduct has not resumed;

 The organization conducts a self-assessment: What went wrong? What can we do to prevent illegal abuse/misconduct in the future?

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